29 Apr > 6 Jun 2016


An artist of many talents, Speedy Graphito has turned his hand to painting, sculpture, installations, photography and video, in the quest for a universal language of his own - while at the same time never quite forgetting the child he once was.
His imagery is rooted in reminiscences of the world of the Comic Strip, cartoons, mangas and advertisements.
For this exhibition hosted by Huberty & Breyne Gallery, Speedy Graphito hijacks the symbolism of universal figures of popular art such as Mickey, Tintin, Obélix, Captain America, Bob the Sponge, the Smurfs, Popeye and Lucien, the rock star with the "banana" quiff in Métal hurlant, and aims his aerosols, his talent and his sarcasm at the painting genius of René Magritte, Henri Matisse and Roy Lichtenstein.