Silvio CADELO Ideomages

13 Feb > 15 Mar 2015


Silvio Cadelo has always been intrigued by the idea of otherness. The exhibition “Idéomage” showcases the artist’s attempts to represent “others” through the variations of a single face, confronting the viewer with a whole series of similar yet strangely different expressions that challenge and interrogate.
An imposing triptych entitled “Etat d’Urgence” takes us into the heart of his strange and fascinating universe.
The Huberty & Breyne gallery is showing Silvio Cadelo’s most recent work, including drawings, paintings, videos and charcoal sketches and combining comic strip, manga and illustration – a variety of media and techniques, all of which reveal the sensitivity and skill of this extraordinary illustrator. 



Video - Silvio Cadelo - Ideomages
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Silvio Cadelo - Ideomages