Marc-Antoine MATHIEU S.E.N.S.

28 Nov 2014 > 5 Jan 2015


For the last thirty years, Marc-Antoine Mathieu has been having fun playing around with the narrative and graphic codes of the comic strip, giving himself space to dream, creating works full of visual, narrative and verbal experiment that disrupt the conventions of the ninth art. Missing panels, spatio-temporal vortices, pages torn out, fractal storylines… these are just some of the visual and narrative acrobatics practised by the facetious Mathieu. For his album “S.E.N.S.”, the artist has devised a protean work that queries the very notions of time and space in a world without limits, bounded only by the absurd; a silent, rather minimalist narrative that has us wandering in the footsteps of a man as he crosses the “Great Void”. On display at the S.E.N.S. exhibition are all the original plates from the album and also some new works, large-scale drawings, video and bronzes that serve to complete Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s remarkable project.