The masters of eroticism and New Subjectivity are met together at Huberty & Breyne to focus on a subject dear to their hearts: women.
We are talking sensuality and eroticism in the case of Milo Manara and dislocated vision of reality as reinterpreted by Pat Andrea.
Manara and Andrea share a single fascination but adopt different means for expressing it.
More than any other comic strip author, Milo Manara adores women, and for this exhibition he has reserved a number of new watercolours from his most recent works, among them notably twelve covers created for Marvel Comics. Manara pays homage to the Liberty style, and also to Mucha and Klimt.
Facing his works, the women of Pat Andrea – a Dutch painter and sculptor and exponent of the New Subjectivity movement – possess a veiled eroticism, an eroticism treated with wry humour and which takes an ironic look at humanity and its dealings.


Video - Manara & Pat Andrea - Femmes
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Manara & Pat Andrea - Femmes