Hervé DI ROSA, Philippe DRUILLET Cosmos

Bruxelles – Bruxelles
8 > 31 Mar 2013


Huberty & Breyne Gallery is orchestrating an artistic close encounter of the third kind in which robots, Cyclops and other whacky “René” creations by Hervé Di Rosa confront the dark abysses that Phillipp Druillet exposes in the vast expanses of space.
On display at the “Cosmos” exhibition are some thirty works in black and white and sculptures in colour showcasing the work of these two artists, whose universes draw on futuristic literature and the imagery of Science Fiction. While highlighting their common heritage, the exhibition is above all a tribute to the creative richness of each artist individually.
Abandoning the acid colours so often associated with his work, Di Rosa is showing a totally new series of black-and-white paintings in which his array of cartoon characters, his “Renés”, busy themselves against backdrops teeming with detail. Opposite these, the large-format black-and-white paintings by Philippe Druillet explore a whole range of graphic landscapes and cosmic realms.


Video - Druillet & Di Rosa - Cosmos
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Druillet & Di Rosa - Cosmos