The Huberty & Breyne Gallery is continuing in its mission of aligning Comic Strip with Contemporary Art and seeing what they have to say about one another.
The exhibition “Libert’In” plunges the viewer into the world of those great masters of comic strip eroticism Alex Varenne and Milo Manara – the world of nudity and of transcendently beautiful women, repositories of multiple male fantasies…
Varenne’s new black-and-white muses are to be seen here for the first time alongside hitherto unpublished illustrations by Manara revisiting Jean de La Fontaine’s Contes libertins, in addition to a series of charcoal drawings of the Italian genius’s heroines. Finally, Éric Liot’s painting-sculptures – a key element in the dialogue between Comic Strip and Contemporary Art – round off a kaleidoscopic vision of the Feminine as seen through the eyes of this ephemeral trio of artists.


Video - Milo Manara - RTBF - 9/07/2012
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Milo Manara - RTBF - 9/07/2012
Video - Manara, Varenne & Liot - Libert'In
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Manara, Varenne & Liot - Libert'In