7 Dec 2018 > 12 Jan 2019

Robin RECHT Conan le Cimmérien - La fille du géant du gel


From 7 December 2018 to 12 January 2019, Huberty & Breyne is dedicating an exhibition to the new album by Robert Recht, Conan the Cimmerian, The Frost-Giant’s Daughter – 30 original plates and a handful of unpublished illustrations from his adaptation of the novella by American writer Robert E. Howard, published by Éditions Glénat.
The story focuses on the brute force of Conan and his steely determination to pursue the alluring nymph who leads him a merry dance through the mountains. Robin Recht is no stranger to heroic fantasy, having already adapted the Elric series by another master of the genre, Michael Moorcock.
The present album is a magnificent distillation of the Howard story. While Recht remains very faithful to the text, his talent for composition and narrative transitions does absolute justice to this epic warrior tale with its mix of sexual ardour, chilly deities and total chaos.
The finesse of his black and white drawings, his ability to render sweeping landscapes and his succinct dialogues combine to make these original plates by Robin Recht impressive artworks that are on a level with his exceptional hero.


Video - Robin Recht - Conan le Cimmérien
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Robin Recht - Conan le Cimmérien