20 Dec 2019 > 25 Jan 2020


From 20 December 2019 to 25 January 2020, the Huberty & Breyne Gallery is celebrating the achievements of Luis and Romulo Royo.
These two Spanish artists, a father and son duo, transport us into another dimension – one presided over by the ancient “mother goddess”, a dark, shadowy dream world, rich in mystery, which asks more questions than it answers. Using a combination of oils and acrylics, pencil drawing and airbrushing, each artist creates compositions that hover midway between expressionism and abstraction, seeking to draw in the viewer and invite him/her to share their fantastical visions of Beauty.


Video - Dark Goddesses - Romulo Royo
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Dark Goddesses - Romulo Royo
Video - Dark Goddesses - Luis Royo
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Dark Goddesses - Luis Royo