31 Jul > 29 Aug 2020

Dave MCKEAN Kafka's Pencil: work from Prague, Cages and Dostoyevsky


Drawing, painting, photography, collage, assemblages, Dave McKean has a broad repertoire and is an artist who has no qualms about mixing up techniques and genres. Huberty & Breyne is delighted to be hosting its first exhibition of McKean's work in Brussels.

With its focus on literature and Eastern and Central Europe, the exhibition will be inviting viewers to admire works illustrating Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and Full Throttle by Joe Hill and Stephen King, and others inspired by the city of Prague, but also a selection of original panels from McKean's personal masterpiece Cages.

The poetry of Dave McKean is a wonderfully strange affair, powerful and evocative, transporting the viewer into a cult universe that has a distinct feeling of the baroque and turns narrative conventions on their head.

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