Rita n°3 Edmond BAUDOIN, Hélène BLÉHAUT, Benjamin BOZONNET, Olivier BRAMANTI, Pascal CORSEAUX, Laurent GAUDART, David GELOT, Jean-Paul KRASSINSKY, Elodie NOUHEN, Jeff POURQUIÉ, Alaïs RASLAIN, Laurent RENZ-BAILLY, Marie-Céline REY, Stéphane SOULARUE

Paris - Espace rencontres
17 Sep > 10 Oct 2020


To mark the publication of the third issue of Rita magazine, Huberty & Breyne's Paris gallery is hosting a collective exhibition in its Espace Rencontres dedicated to the work of Jeff Pourquié, Edmond Baudouin, Stéphane Soularue, Elodie Nouhen, David Gelot, Olivier Bramanti, Marie-Céline Rey, Hélène Bléhaut, Pascal Corseaux, Laurent Gaudart, Jean-Paul Krassinsky, Alaïs Raslain, Benjamin Bozonnet et Laurent Renz-Bailly. This is a great opportunity to come and admire the very different techniques and graphic approaches adopted by an extraordinary collective and its activist artists!

Opening : Thursday 17 September from 6.00 pm.
Uploading of the artworks Friday 18 September.