Bruxelles - Espace rencontres

9 > 24 Apr 2021

Christian COLLIN- Galerie d'Éditions


From 9 to 24 April 2021, the Huberty & Breyne Gallery is showcasing the collections and work of Christian Collin, a gallerist and publisher of comic book images.

The aim is to celebrate the talents of a generation of artists Collin has been following for 15 years now, continuing the work of Christian Desbois, with whom he collaborated for many years prior to taking over Christian Desbois Éditions.

While referring in the first instance to the term "multiples" - signed colour prints produced in limited editions - the title of the exhibition also references the multiplicity of authors on show here and the diversity of their talents and artistic approaches.

Enki Bilal, Druillet, Tardi, Loustal, Avril, Guarnido, Juillard, Schuiten... each of these artists creates a totally unique world, which the publisher is keen to illustrate by picking out the best images and translating them into top-quality prints [while devising new approaches specific to each of them.

Visitors are invited to come and view these images in a location where their graphic qualities can be appreciated to the full.

Due to the new sanitary measures, the gallery is only accessible by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Make an appointment.

Works available to view online from Friday 9 April 2021.