PARIS | Matignon

22 Dec 2023 > 3 Feb 2024


It is three years since Huberty & Breyne last hosted an exhibition, in its avenue Matignon gallery, devoted to the work of Jean-Claude Götting. While that exhibition focused on Götting's work in black and white and the artist's great love of Paris, this new exhibition gives viewers the opportunity to get to know his more recent works executed in colour, on canvas.

Contemplating a painting by Jean-Claude Götting is to immerse oneself in colour and confront a fleeting moment snatched from the flow of time. Often, the look on one of those enigmatic faces takes us someplace else. Everything, in Götting's compositions, invites us to ponder a before as well as an after.   

The artist himself reveals little about his work. Absorbed in the act of creation, he leaves the viewer at liberty to interpret that work and make it his or her own. In all these new paintings, what we do see, however, is the artist continuing to explore his favourite themes : the theme of silence and the way we approach and interpret the space between us.

As for Götting's colours, how best to describe them other than as a feast for the eyes, a sublimation of everyday reality at once striking and harmonious.

The gallery has published a monograph, Jean-Claude Götting, La couleur et le trait, as an accompaniment to this exhibition, which is due to run from 22 December 2023 to 3 February 2024.  

Thursday 21 December 2023, from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm,
in the presence of the artist

From Friday 22 December 2023
to Saturday 3 February 2024

PARIS | Matignon
36 avenue Matignon
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