Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne have for years been championing cartoon art as a contemporary art form in its own right. The BRAFA Art Fair has listened - and accepted their application for 2010.

And the Huberty & Breyne Gallery has a trump card to play: it is showing one of Herge's rare gouaches on paper - the first of five covers executed in 1934 for the album Les Cigares du pharaon, published by Éditions Casterman, and one of the most expensive artworks on show at the fair.
Alongside this museum piece, the gallery is showing other originals by Hergé, including a Petit Vingtième cover from 1939 and a plate from Le Sceptre d'Ottokar, in addition to various classics from the world of Franco-Belgian cartoons - a cover from Uderzo's Oumpah-Pah comics series, a Gaston plate by Franquin and a plate from Victor Hubino's Buck Danny series, just to quote three examples.
Contemporary artists are equally well represented, with works by François Avril, Jean-Claude Götting, Silvio Cadelo, Loustal and Philippe Druillet.