Onomatopée dans la sélection d'Artnet

9 décembre 2022

"Spotlight: Wham, Bam, Pow! Artists' Use of Onomatopoeia Is Traced in a Group Exhibition at Huberty and Breyne

The exhibition "Onomatopée" at Huberty and Breyne, Brussels, investigates the ways sound and language can be conveyed in art.


Why We Like It: Because cartoons both popularized and translated onomatopoeia into the realm of visual art, deeper interrogations of the form are often overlooked. The exhibition “Onomatopée” seeks not only to rectify this shortcoming, but also make a case for the linguistic tool's singular ability to convey meaning in art. Although the basis of the exhibition is solidly academic, the show itself is a fun, colorful, and intriguing exploration of art, and the use of onomatopoeia by artists around the world. The works on view offer a whimsical and imaginative take on the use of language in visual art, like David Tremlett's collection of words that reference his past travels, Agnès Thurnauer's “noisy” canvases, and an “articulating” snake by Gilles Barbier, among others."

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