17 Nov > 16 Dec 2017


Huberty & Breyne Gallery invites you to discover the original drawings of the Book of books, the new comic album by Marc-Antoine Mathieu, from November 17 to December 16.
There are strong ideas that take shape over time and then become comic books. There are others that are promises, kept by the artists as seeds in reserve. Over time, Marc-Antoine Mathieu has accumulated many of them. With The Book of books, he embarks on a new experience worthy of the OuBaPo (workshop of potential comic book art) : to provide readers with imaginary book covers in which they can project themselves.
"It is a delicate exercise, it's about reducing the book to an idea, a title, a picture, a short text on the back cover, so that everyone can make the books their own. These are an invitation to travel" he says. The exhibition will allow visitors to discover his meticulous layout on each visual, where the composition of images and texts is always carefully thought through.
It is also a unique opportunity to admire the fineness of his stroke. The grays and blacks are then added on the computer to give the result published in his book.


Video - Marc-Antoine Mathieu - Le Livre des Livres
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Marc-Antoine Mathieu - Le Livre des Livres