Frank Le Gall, Théodore Poussin, Marie Vérité, Tome 3, 1988, Couverture de l'album

Théodore Poussin, 1988
Marie Vérité, Tome 3
Couverture de l'album
India ink on paper
30 x 22 cm ( 11,81 x 8,66 in )
Editor Dupuis
id. 6995

"Marie Vérité" is the third volume in the saga by Frank Le Gall which appeared in the pages of Journal Spirou in 1984.The first two albums were brought out together in 1987, and the following year Éditions Dupuis published this third volume, which went on to win the Alph-Art for best French album in January 1989!From 1990 onwards, all the Théodore Poussin albums appeared in the Repérages collection published by Dupuis.At the request of Le Gall, who was struggling by now, Yann brought his attention definitively to bear on this third volume, and the text is credited to him. Speaking about Yann?s intervention, Le Gall said: ?Yann had some difficulty working with all the very different ideas I?d had, but he loves working like that, improving, restructuring... What he taught me above all was how to really establish my char-acters. He helped me take the storylines further. He also taught me to think about the album as such, as a finished object in which each element has a role to play, from the cover via the flyleaves to the most modest tailpiece? (in PLG no. 29, October 1993).